No person will want to raise their weight just to add an extra weight. Mainly people will like muscles so that they will look good and their body’s outlook will be enhanced. There are people who have trouble in maintaining extra weight for they have a high metabolism rate. Whatever the dilemma is, there are other solutions on how to add weight in the safest way possible.

When finding out how to gain weight, the best way to increase your weight is to add lean muscles and not fats. Fats can simply bring lots of health problems to your body whereas lean muscles on the other hand can even enhance your health and well-being in a great deal of ways.
Other than improving the amount of lean muscles in the body through a resistance-based routine, the enhancement of protein ingestion should also be high so that the muscle tears are repaired through training and the growth of muscle fibers will be increased. You must boost your eating of protein without being perceptive that you are continuously eating. When you want to try to increase the size of muscles, you need to consume one and a half up to two grams of protein for every pound you weigh.
So as to have a very simple technique to gain protein without gaining your calories, body building supplements like whey protein is the answer. It can definitely increase your consumption of protein without making you feel filled. But if you love to have an entire better outcome, you also have to increase additional calories throughout the day. Instead of the usual three meals that you eat every day, make it at least four meals a day plus an additional snack on protein rich foods that contain extremely high calorific value. To main your calories  know more at
Yet, there is a ploy when referring to exercise that you have to be aware of. Most people know that cardio is important in order to keep the heart healthy and strong so that our overall fitness will remain intact. Then again, hard exercise can burn more calories than you have imagined which can put a full stop to your cardio. The main goal here is not to cut out your cardio but only to lessen it down with at least five minutes per day so that you can have the outcomes that you wanted.
Weight lifting is the right exercise for you if you are engrossed in gaining weight through padded out muscles. If you are only searching for a way to increase your weight without bulking your muscles, heavier weights can work well for you in lesser number of repetitions for the number of repetition concludes the bulk.
If ever the entire methods are done and still, there is no change and increase in your weight at all, then it is time to stop and simply accept the kind of body that God has bestowed to you. Though you may not like the shape of your body right now, others may still be envious of it and will even die to have your body.