As the weather gets cooler, chillier and wetter, a guy needs to adapt his footwear to suit the clime. Canvas trainers, boat shoes and even your dress shoes will not provide your feet with warmth and comfort, nor are they suitable to melting snow, or street puddles. What you need is something sturdier and tougher to .bear up with the elements. The most practical footwear for the season is boots. The latest key fashion trend for men for the cold months of fall and winter are the Brogue boots

The preference for Brogue boots comes as a surprise. Although brogue shoes have been around for a long time as outdoor footwear, brogue boots are virtually unknown. Now, even the most fashionable males are seen wearing brogue boots and have become one of the most preferred footwear to pair with casual outfits like custom t-shirts. But brogue boots are not only for casual wear. They are versatile enough to be worn with formal outfits.

The evolution of brogue into boots is a welcome development. This year, brogue boots have been seen in the runways and incorporated in the fall/winter collection of many of the famous fashion designers. Brogue boots are also featured in a lot of male fashion magazines and recommended for the outdoors type as well as for urbanites. They pair well with most of the trendy looks and fabric such as cords and tweeds for this season.
What makes brogue boots one of the key fashion trend for men this season is its versatility. They feature the advantage of traditional brogue, so they qualify as smart or formal shoes. But it also has retained the practicality and toughness of an outdoor brogue. They could easily be paired with chinos or jeans for that casual look or with a suit for office wear and even for formal events.

Diagonal stripped ties are back and will be a major trend in 2012. All kinds of diagonal striped ties from the club tie, regimental tie or ties with colorful and contemporary stripes are again extremely popular. Diagonal striped ties in pastel as well as vivid colors will be highly in demand for the summer season. Although dazzling stripe combinations are trendy and fashionable, for a classic business suit, the classic tie with diagonal stripes is still the norm. Striped ties work perfectly with corduroy and cotton, blazers as well as with sports jackets or just a button-down shirt.

Diagonal striped ties became very popular in the US and UK after World War I with former shoulders announcing proudly with their ties that they fought bravely for their country. In the UK there were restrictions in the choice of regimentals and colors but in the US ties were chosen and purchased without such restrictions. Diagonal ties were also purchased in Europe out of personal preference and taste. Because of this increase in popularity of diagonal striped ties more and more tie manufacturers offered new and unique tie color combinations other than the club and regimental colors.
The design of diagonal striped ties is considered very classic and traditional. It originated in the UK in the 19th century as country clubs and sports ties. The design was even embossed on club flags, jackets, caps and of course ties. Classic example is the red, green and white diagonal tie of the โ€œFree Foresters Cricket Club.โ€ Regimental colors served as the colors for regimental ties such as the blue and red combination of the Brigade of Guards.

Diagonal striped ties are a perfect match for almost any shirt or suit. It can even be matched with striped shirts providing there is a contrast in the width of the stripes. Diagonal striped ties work perfectly with the classic business look but equally perfect with the preppy look