Why of all places that you have to learn Spanish does it have to be Cuba? Why not Spain? There are no restrictions as to where you should learn the Spanish language. In fact, your very own country might be offering one, in one of the universities or just some crash courses that will last for a week or two. There are even more accessible ways to learn Spanish, which is online. But there is something different when you learn the language in a different environment. The reason? You get to use them right away, particularly in places in which the language you are learning is their native tongue.

In Cuba, their official language is Spanish or known widely as Cuban Spanish. It is a variety of the language Spanish that is mainly spoken in the country. Since it is also a variety of the Caribbean language, it shares similar features with its nearby varieties, too, which include the debuccalization, seseo and coda deletion. There are a lot of places in Cuba that offers the Spanish language lessons. Just like mentioned above, the experience of learning the language first hand and applying it right away as you step out of school is what makes it different from just learning the language by yourself. Have you ever noticed that as you learn the language by yourself and you have no one else to talk to, you forget the language easily? It is best to learn Spanish at a school located near where most of the people are communicating with it so that you will get used to speaking with it like it is your native language.

But the question still remains – why learn Spanish in Cuba when it is a variety of the Spanish language? Your first reason would be this – you are interested to explore Cuba. What other reason is there? And if you want to learn Spanish and at the same time want to visit Cuba, why not spend half of your travels learning the language in one of the language schools in the country? You can choose one school that is located near the place where you want to see the most. Also, most language schools in Cuba offer their language classes in four weeks and everyone who enrolls are accommodated in a hotel. The schools are not only focused on lectures, but a grand exploration of the Cuban culture, architecture, tradition, history and the arts. You can experience all of these plus more with weekend excursions to other cities that offer priceless experiences on a Cuba holiday.

What more could you ask for? Visiting Cuba and at the same time learning the Spanish language is killing two birds with one stone. You get to explore the beauty of Cuba while communicating with the locals using the language that you have learned from school. You may not be able to grasp the language right away on the first few days, but as you keep on using Spanish when asking for directions or just talking like you are one of the locals in the area, you will be amazed as to how far it can make you adept to the language.