What Is Longview Farm?  

Longview Farm is a farm located in Missouri, which has been registered in U.S.  National Register Of Historic Places.  The farm was built by Robert A.  Long.  The farm has beautiful buildings to show off with, but it is also surrounded by stunning landscape.

How Big Is Longview Farm? 

The farm and other buildings which make up Longview Farm, are 4f67c62c55a8f.preview-620situated on 1,780 acres.  Also it came to be known as The World’s Most Beautiful Farm, and are since its completion in 1914, which took only 18 months.

Special Construction 

The farm was constructed by more than 2000 workers, including 50 Belgian craftsmen, 200 Sicilian stonemasons, the main architect was Henry F. Hoit, who had also designed Corinthian Hall and the R.A. Long Building. As for the landscape architecture, this task was trusted to a landscape architect George Kessler.


The farm was furnished with antique furniture.  However, since Long family did not want to use antique furniture due to the fact it had been already used, they have in fact furnished in their home with style replica furniture which was shipped from New York.

Innovations On The Farm 

The farm had a telephone system, complete plumbing, 25 miles of wooden fence.  What’s interesting about the fence is that the two was built without any nails or bolts and over macadamized roads which spread for over 7 miles.  Furthermore, this was at the time when macadamized roads were in the hottest new trend, since John Loudon McAdam only invented macadamized roads six years prior to the construction of Longview Farm.

The Mansion 

The very mansion which is situated on the Longview Farm was very expensive and lavish at that time.  Even for modern-day standards, this mention is breathtakingly beautiful, lavishing, and luxurious.  The mention spreads on 2,000 m2 or 22,000-square-foot.  The entire mansion has astonishing 48 rooms, six fireplaces, 14 bedrooms, and even 10 baths.  This was the first place where central vacuum system west of Mississippi existed, in addition to having steam heating.  Considering the mansion was built in the 1913, this is pretty astonishing and amazing!

What Do We Know About The Long Family? 

The Long family was so wealthy and powerful, due to the fact tlilpondhat Long owned a successful lumber business the Long-Bell Lumber Company, along with other enterprises.  His lumber kingdom spread over several states including Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Long owned up to 110 lumber yards, which occupied over 250,000 acres of timber, back in the 1900s! Also, Long already owned the Corinthian Hall mansion in Kansas City when he decided to build a this ‘modest country estate’. Robert A. Long was a true lumber baron who lived to be 83 years old and enjoy his wealth with his family.